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Stern Ingredients China: your competent partner for food ingredients in the Chinese market.

Stern Ingredients China is a subsidiary of the international Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, one of the world’s leading suppliers of food and feed ingredients. The group is made up of eleven specialist ingredients companies with extensive applications technology that enables practical product development in close collaboration with customers. You will find an overview here: the corporate structure of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe as a PDF.

Stern Ingredients China will be pleased to advise you on all the questions that may arise when you use our functional systems. Our staff have been working for the specialist firms of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe in the Chinese market for years and are familiar with the specific requirements of the food industry in your region. We have direct access to the applications laboratories of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe in Hamburg, Germany, and that enables us to develop a customized solution to meet any challenge.

You will find the products of the following firms from the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe in our portfolio:

Flour improvers: Flour standardization, fortification with vitamins and minerals, flour analysis, applications services, metering devices for micro-ingredients

Baking ingredients: functional systems for bread and pastry goods, emulsifiers for cake, whipping agents and toppings, flavourings, recipe development

Enzyme systems for bread and other baked goods, biscuits, crackers, wafers, pasta, grain hydrolysis, spirits, beer, ethanol, sugar industry, sweets, dairy products, meat and fish products

Vitamin and mineral premixes for beverages, bakery products, cereals, baby food, dairy products, food supplements

Stabilizing systems for dairy products and ice cream, deli foods, filling aids for ready meals, soups and sauces, meat and sausage products, fish products

Natural and nature-identical flavourings for bakery products, deli specialities, dairy products, ready meals, meat and sausage products

Food supplements: sport and fitness, health and wellness, dietetic foods, vitamin products, functional bars, deoiled lecithin

What can we do for you?

Make use of our competence and knowledge of the market if you have an inquiry or would like more information. We are looking forward to a phone call or e-mail from you.

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Stern Ingredients China is a member of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, Germany.